Adhesive Tapes

We offer the full range of adhesive tapes for industry. Our packaging tapes are available in Polypropylene – PVC, Hotmelt & Acrylic stock, and are supplied in both plain or bespoke printed varieties. We can supply any type of tape – just ask!

CHETO Engineering - Adhesive Tapes
CHETO Engineering - Adhesive Tapes

Polypropylene Tape

  • General purpose tape available in High & Economy grades
  • Solvent, Hot melt & Acrylic adhesives
  • Brown, transparent & coloured tapes available
  • Excellent adhesion to all surfaces, even in low temperatures
  • Available in machine lengths

PVC Adhesive Tape

  • POLY VINYL CARBONATE PVC – High Performance
  • Low Noise dispensing & Easy Tear
  • Excellent tensile strength – no stretch
  • Excellent adhesion to all surfaces

CHETO Engineering - Adhesive Tapes
CHETO Engineering - Adhesive Tapes

Cloth Duct Adhesive Tape

  • Bio orientated tape
  • Resistant to water & liquid
  • Excellent tensile strength  – no stretch
  • Longer lasting adhesion, due to a heavier backing film

Paper Adhesive Tape

  • Kinder to the Environment
  • Easy tear
  • Solvent based adhesive – superior adhesion
  • Plain white & brown or bespoke print

CHETO Engineering - Adhesive Tapes
CHETO Engineering - Adhesive Tapes

Reinforced Adhesive Tape

  • Greater strength from reinforced material
  • Excellent for use with heavy loads
  • Provides a tamper proof guide

Double Sided Adhesive Tape

  • Adhesion on both sides with carrier liner
  • Excellent adhesion for joining & combining material
  • Provides a hidden finish
  • Multi-purpose: used in a variety of industries

Tape Dispensers

  • Manual for speed, ease of use
  • Variety of widths available
  • Hand held or bench mounted models
  • Automatic box taping units

Masking Adhesive Tape

  • Temporary surface protection
  • Hot Melt & Solvent based adhesive
  • Easy tear paper tape
  • Available in Natural & Brown
  • Environmentally friendly