Corrugated Cartons are the most commonly used packaging products. Used to pack & batch products together in a uniform manner. Available in varying shapes, sizes & grades, to suit your product. Cardboard is highly recyclable & can be reused. It is known to be the best & most professional method of transport, that gives a very professional customer experience. It can also be branded to provide you with greater exposure for your business.

Corrugated Cardboard – Cartons & Sheeting

We offer an extensive selection of stock boxes in single and double wall board. Our specifically tailored range offers an impressive variety of options, meaning you will find a box to suit your needs.

CHETO Engineering - Corrugated
CHETO Engineering - Corrugated

Corrugated Single Wall Cartons

  • Light to medium use
  • Use as an outer layer to protect inner, less fragile items
  • Variety of FEFCO styles, colours & print

Corrugated Double Wall Boxes

  • Medium to heavy use
  • Used for heavier protection & longer & repeated use
  • Can also be used for returnable packaging
  • Variety of FEFCO styles, colours & prints

CHETO Engineering - Corrugated
CHETO Engineering - Corrugated

Features & Benefits of Corrugated Cartons

  • Corrugated cartons offer a uniform outer, easy to load & unload
  • Outer layer of protection, any outer damage is immediately visible
  • Corrugated cartons, when packed uniformly, create a building block for both rigid & safe transport
  • Most cost-effective method of packing for transportation
  • Provides the option to project your company logo, message & contact details in a professional, printed way
  • Available in a number of FEFCO styles, we can match and advise on the best box available to suit your product
  • The raw material is environmentally friendly to recycle & reuse

CHETO Engineering - Corrugated
CHETO Engineering - Corrugated

Corrugated Sheeting

  • Corrugated layer pad, available in both single & double wall
  • Use for the bottom of pallet for safety & prevention of cross contamination
  • Use between layers to make the pallet more stable