Pallet Wrap

Pallet wrap or stretch wrap is a highly stretchable film typically made from linear, low-density polyethylene plastic. Wrapped tightly around packages or objects to secure them together or keep them protected id it’s primary role, and wrap is most suitable when you need to hold loads together for transportation or storage.

CHETO Engineering - Pallet Wrap
CHETO Engineering - Pallet Wrap

Stretch film comes in different thicknesses and widths, with different gauges, bandings, hand grades, and machine grades. Enhanced versions of stretch film use stronger additives giving a higher puncture & stretch threshold.

Speciality variants are available such as coloured stretch film and UV stretch wrap/stretch film. The size and type of stretch film you choose depends on its intended application.

Stability & Protection for Transport

Stretch film is often used to wrap objects for packaging transportation. Because of its stretch-ability and flexible nature, the stretch film wraps around just about any transported items. Wrap products or items together on a pallet, securing them against each other to create load stability, or apply stretch film to bundle items together.

CHETO Engineering - Pallet Wrap
CHETO Engineering - Pallet Wrap

Storage & Weather Protection

When applied Pallet wrap will protect products against dust & weather. You can also use Coloured UV wrap to protect from sun. It is ideal to cover most unperishable goods that are unattended for long periods.

Features & Benefits

  • Protects boxes & items in transit
  • Pallet protection from weather keeps items clean
  • Extended Cores (most popular) & Flush core available
  • Coloured wrap available – Black for security wrap in stock
  • Various gauges of wrap, depending on usage

Varieties of Wrap

  • Hand Wrap
  • Machine Wrap
  • Clear Pallet Wrap
  • Pallet Wrap Dispensers
  • Pallet Top Covers
  • Black Pallet Wrap
  • Machine Stretch Wrap